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Legpower aloft

If we were serious about getting the best value from our expensive paved surfaces, we would rethink crossroads.

Using timelapse photography, the 1982 movie Koyaanisqatsi pasted to my awareness the image of city traffic in peristaltic motion at stoplights.

The freeway solution of elevated crossings is too cumbersome and expensive to implement for most city […]

Ocean Energy

As with land use, in the technology realm each region has different challenges and opportunities. Here in a high-latitude western coast, we are part of the Middle East of wave energy: averaged throughout the year, there is more than 35 HP hitting every yard of the outer shoreline. Offshore wind here would be nothing to […]

Decisions and strategy

While my intention is mostly to cover technology in my two topics, as an ordinary person trying to be free of ideology I will also cover anything I can find that increases the chances of implementing what I consider to be wise decisions. In particular, since I live in one of the few remaining regions […]

Soil carbon

“In an ecosystem, you can never do only one thing.”

This idea was spoken in my hearing some time in the 1970’s by professor Arthur Kruckeberg; I had had the privilege of briefly studying biology back then. Two very different grassroots movements have caught my imagination since: permaculture and open source. They share a common […]

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